When your account registration and email confirmation are completed, the system will enter the robot creation page and start the following steps:
In the homepage, please select ‘Default hedging arbitrage strategy’, then click ‘Next’.

Select your trading platform and hedging object ‘BTC’. Enter your registered email address and API keys, then click ‘Next’.

Please go to the trading platform for capital injection. You are required to inject a minimum of $2,000 available net asset value of digital assets or legal currency. Please refer to https://help.uebot.com/en-us/article/bitfinex-funding-guide-1bzh9o9/ for capital funding guide. Then click "Apply to open”

After your request of creating robot instance succeed, please contact the customer manager for review and sign the corresponding cooperation agreement.

After completing the verification, then waiting for robot instance online.

Once the deployment online is completed, you will receive an email and click on the prepaid fees link as the robot instance prepaid fee.

Prepaid deposits refer to this link:

Once the prepaid fees is completed, you can contact your account manager to officially start to run the robot instance.
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